30 December, 2007

Hectic Christmas Holidays

Never had a more hectic Christmas holidays. Believe it or not, it was like this, 25th 1st Holy Communion at Thodupuzha, 26th Baptism at Ernakulam, 27th Wedding at Ernakulam and house warming Dinner at Mundakayam, 28th Kudumbayogam (family get together) at Palai and Bachelors party Dinner at Mundakayam, 29th wedding at Kanjirappally, 30th Betrothal at Palai, not yet over.

Still to go, 31st wedding at Kanjirappally, 1st Wedding of a 22 year old male MBBS student (obviously with his batch mate) at Palai, 2nd School reopening and fees payment, 3rd Wedding at Palai, 4th the only rest day, 5th betrothal at Palai, 6th wedding lunch at Ekm, Tea another wedding at Aleppey followed with a grand finale dinner of the same wedding at Aleppey.

Can you beat that, probably can be done only by planters for who else has the time.

18 December, 2007

“Gegeneophis Mahadeiensis”

More than a couple of times “Gegeneophis Mahadeiensis” the newly named legless amphibian was sighted moving through our front lawn, mainly during the rainy season. We ignored thinking it to be a retarded snake or an overgrown earthworm. Looks like I lost a golden opportunity to name it after our locality or even me.

02 December, 2007


God is depicted resembling us for humans to easily relate to the otherwise unfathomable. That does not mean in any sense that the Supreme Being has any likeness to us. If God was to think and behave like us and was waiting to take vengeance on us, God ceases to be God. So by all means criticise God, for the omnipresent may not even realise it.