30 January, 2008

Looks can be Deceptive.

Not too long ago I was driving through Ernakulam searching for a particular domestic appliances service centre. The service personal was giving me instructions on my mobile phone how to locate the place. Out of the blue a traffic constable waved me down for using mobile phone while driving.

Caught red-handed and with no explanation to offer, he directed me to pay the fine. Cursing my fate I asked for the inspector so that I would pay up and get on with it. Over hearing the expletives used while cursing myself, probably he thought I was a bird of the same feather.

As I was crossing the road to go to the traffic inspector to pay the fine the constable came after me and asked where I work. Reluctant to say that I am a planter which the uninitiated do not comprehend, I smiled at him and kept mum. He asked me whether I was from the department, meaning the police. I still kept quiet with the same smile on my face. Now he grew more doubtful and kept stalking me for an answer. Finally I half nodded with fear of getting caught for impersonation.

By this time I had reached the traffic Inspector who was busy collecting fine from another person. As soon as I gave the half nod the constable said, Sir, you should have said so before, and asked me to carry on without paying the fine.

People have mistaken me for police, armed forces etc; looks can be deceptive nevertheless save your skin at the best of times too.