26 June, 2009

'Waste Minister'

One of the primary duties of the corporations, municipalities and panchayats is and should be waste management. Our ministers who are waiting for an opportunity to fly to foreign destinations on the pretext of signing MOUs should undertake a trip to New York , Tokyo or at least Shanghai to study how domestic/ kitchen waste is managed in those metropolis which surely must be producing mammoth quantities of the same and waste no time in implementing it here.
As most of our ministers are a big waste on the exchequer, we should have a ‘Waste Minister’ to tackle this serious issue.

25 June, 2009

Jealousy & Women

The Phantom cartoon in The New Indian Express reveal Diana Palmer Walker feeling jealous about her husband Mr. walker the Phantom and the female captain of his ship. Is jelousy a universal phenomenon in women that not even cartoon characters are not spared off? Are women intensely jealous about or in a relationship?Can't they do without it and spare the men a lot of heart burn?Perhaps some women readers of The New Indian Express could throw some light and be a catalyst for change .

E Ahamed

E Ahamed being made the minister of state Railways is a very welcome development. The priority of the new M.O.S. Vis-a-vis Kerala should be the completion of doubling and electification of all the existing lines on a war footing rather than going for new lines. Only then we can have more new trains and faster movement.


Usually Maoists fight against Monarchy and bourgeois. That they are now leading a struggle against Communist rule in West Bengal speaks volumes about the condition of the downtrodden in that state even after 30 years of uninterrupted rule by the left parties. So evidently milk and honey are not going to flow even if ruled by those who swear by the proletariat.

09 June, 2009

Testing a new air bag for two wheelers