27 May, 2010

How my dad fooled the police

The following story by my son John was published in their School magazine

It was the 23rd of December, the day I had been waiting for, this was the day our family used to really enjoy. It was the Christmas celebrations day in Mundakayam Club. The day was even more special because the heats of the Christmas exams were just over.

The moon was shining brightly that night and so were all my uncles after they got drunk. Happiness, love and the smell of alcohol filled the air.

That was when horrible news approached the club. One of the members who were just arriving passed on the information that the police had been checking with breath analyzers’ right outside the club, and there was only one exit. Some of the uncles called home and asked their children to pick them up from the club. Others just like my dad had no option as they did not have a child who had a valid driving license at that time. Some even decided to stay in the club till morning, but my father could not. He promised my grandmother that he would be home before 2am, but he didn’t bother to call her, “because he didn’t want to disturb her sleep.” at least that was what he said. We decided to head back home after 1:30am and my father was really drunk. He suddenly thought of an idea and he asked my mother to take a sip of whiskey...... but she wouldn’t. After much persuasion he asked her to rinse her mouth with whiskey, she was confused but obeyed him when he said that otherwise he would be arrested. But we didn’t understand what he was up to at that time.

We got out of the club and the police asked my father to stop the car. He did so. Then the policeman tested him with the breath analyzer and it showed that my dad was too drunk (drunk above the permissible limits). That was when he took his ultimate weapon, he argued with the officer saying that he was not drunk but the instrument was at fault. Finally he asked the officer to check on my mother also and the instrument showed that she was drunk too. That was when we realized his idea. The policeman was surprised at first. But then he surprised us by testing it on my brother. That was when we feared that the plan was failing. But to our delight it turned out that he had drunk some beer without anyone of us knowing..... The instrument showed that my brother was also drunk... then the officer accepted that the instrument was at fault. Maybe he had been too embarrassed to test it on himself.... if he had done so then my dad’s plan would have failed. It was a close miss. But the trouble was not yet over when we reached back home my mother started screaming at my brother for having the beer and rescuing the day!!

Read the original post here http://nebugeorge.blogspot.com/2009/01/oothometer-indigenous-breath-analyser.html and see how well he twisted it by introducing his brother!