28 April, 2010

How I contacted Shevlin

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. Shevlin Sebastian,
Your name is very familiar to me as a regular reader, an occasional letter to the editor writer and an irregular contributor to 'Time Out' to TNIE. However the unusual name leaves one guessing your gender. Just out of curiosity may I ask you are you a Mr. Mrs. or Ms?

Your's truly,

A curious cat!
Nebu George,

What a Let down
Dear Mr. Shevlin,

Don’t be offended by the subject line. Just joking ha...ha... Visited your blog, saw your photo. To tell you the truth Shevlin sounded like a female half my age!



And the reply
Dear Nebu,

Sorry to disappoint you.


Shevlin happens to be the brother of my son's Principal (Which I found out only much later) We still haven't met each other.