12 February, 2011

Girls call the shots

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The observation by Kalathil Ramakrishnan in Regional Notebook , “The city-educated girls do not prefer agriculturists in villages though they may be earning more than what the technocrat-engineer-doctor bridegrooms may earn in cities” has nothing to do with skewed sex ratio and is not only confined to the Brahmin community but across the board.

The sons of agriculturists in villages are forced to abandon the family profession and take up glamorous profession like medicine, engineering, chartered accountancy, law etc because it is the girls who are calling the shots these days. They are unwilling to marry boys settled in villages with unglamorous jobs like planting.

As a result lazy boys who are ill-equipped to go for higher studies are forced to do so by their parents. The words of Kerala Education Minister M.A. Baby at the inaugural function of the recently concluded School youth festival that parents look at education from a marriage angle is true for both boys and girls.